Someone is Not a Fan of Renovations at 27 East Seventh Street

IMG_0194Sarah Darville A note from a militant preservationist?

Workers renovating the closed — and illegal — hostel at 27 East Seventh Street today didn’t seem too interested in a note scribbled over work permits on the building. “Yet another historic bldg demolished to make way for ugly, overpriced yuppie studios!!” the note read.

IMG_0199Stephen Rex Brown A worker taking a break next to the note.

The most recent permits on file with the Department of Buildings pertain to the installation of plumbing in the building near Cooper Square that will be zoned for residential use. EV Grieve had a full run-down of the recent troubled history of the building back in April.

The criticism is similar to one leveled at David Schwimmer, who may be moving into a single-family mansion at 331 East Sixth Street. There, he was accused of building “another ugly, yuppie, ghetto catering to monied transients.” And a crane at the work site was labeled “a butcher” in clever fashion.