Doggie Diary | Jubilee’s Day in the Park

Taking a cue from The Local Fort Greene’s Dog of the Day, we’re launching a new column featuring canine confessions from the dog run and beyond. Today: Jubilee and friends.

dog 5 Jubilee, photographed by her owner Alberto Reyes.

Hi, I’m Jubilee. Sometimes my human friends call me “Little Boss” because I like being in charge. I’m 10 pounds, 11 months, and a terrier mix. Being a mix – a little bit of Yorkie and a little bit of Schnauzer – makes me feel like a real New Yorker. Every morning my mom and I walk to the dog run at Tompkins Square Park where I meet up with my friends.

The park has two runs. The small dog area is the best because of the raised wood platform and a large shady tree. While we dogs play, the humans also get to know each other – so well sometimes that they plan trips together and take us along! My best girlfriend Rosie, a hybrid Peagle (half Beagle and half Pekingese) and her two-legged companion Lexa recently took a trip with the group to Larchmont dog beach, meaning we got to go swimming!

dog 3Alberto Reyes Rosie and Lexa

Occasionally the run turns unfriendly and there’s a little too much roughhousing going on. That’s when my pug friend O.G. (Old Gangster) steps in to keep it calm. The Navy stationed his pal Mike in Naples, Italy where O.G. was given to him by a Mafia friend. O.G. is also quite the food connoisseur. He just recommended I check out a nearby Chinese restaurant, Xi’an Famous Foods, where he likes to eat the crunchy takeout noodles.

dog 4Alberto Reyes Mike and O.G.

Another girlfriend is 11-week old baby Ginger, a wire-haired dachshund. She’s kind of “on loan” to Colby. Ginger was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee and now Colby is fostering her from Waggytail Rescue. Colby’s a makeup artist and travels a lot. He can’t really house a four-legged companion permanently so he fosters. I hope when Ginger finds her permanent home she’ll still come to this doggie run. She’s also a favorite at all the gay bars in the East Village, in particular the Phoenix on 13th near Avenue A. She likes to stop outside, lie on her back and wait for someone to come out and tickle her tummy. She’s such a flirt she never has to wait long.

dog 2Alberto Reyes Ginger

Well, that’s all for now. Gotta run (and jump and bark and…)

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