Billy Leroy’s ‘Baggage Battles’ Gets Picked Up for Second Season

Billy Leroy's Goodbye Bash 3.9.12Suzanne Rozdeba Billy Leroy with Jim Jarmusch at his goodbye bash.

“Baggage Battles” has been renewed for 14 episodes, Billy Leroy told The Local. The second season will start filming July 11 at a customs auction in Newark.

The eccentric antiques dealer, who buried his tent on the Bowery in March, said he was looking forward to working on the Travel Channel’s reality show again. “The director Yon Motskin really has a great sense of humor and I love when he puts me in humorous situations,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Nothing is more rewarding than people coming up to me on the street and saying they laughed at some of the comic stunts we pulled.”

In the meantime, he’s been beefing up his acting portfolio, taking on a role in  “The Red Shoes” (the directorial debut of “Boardwalk Empire” siren Paz de la Huerta just wrapped filming.) “I started out as an extra,” he said. “Then she gave me a great talking part as the MC in a theatrical vaudevillian scene shot at The Box. She really impressed me as a director.”

Before he goes back to filming “Baggage Battles” next month, the biker aficionado said he would indulge in some solo time on the road. “I might go for a long ride on my Harley. It helps clear the mind and the soul.”