Art Gallery Packs Up Its Paintings in Cooper Union Building

IMG_0088Sarah Darville The empty Milavec Hakimi Gallery space.

There’s one less gallery along the Bowery.

After opening in September, the Milavec Hakimi Gallery has closed for good, leaving a darkened corner in Cooper Union’s imposing new academic building.

The gallery shared the ground floor of 51 Cooper Square with two other newcomers, Au Breve Espresso and the Preschool of the Arts, which may take over the space.

“We couldn’t really manage the rent,” said Karen Hakimi. “I think it was a little tough for a gallery, since it’s separate from all the other galleries. A lot of people thought it was a part of the school, and didn’t understand it was an independent gallery, not student work.”

IMG_0095Sarah Darville The new academic building.

Ms. Hakimi said she expected the preschool would expand into the vacant space, and an employee at the preschool referred The Local to a staff member “working on the expansion,” who has not yet returned a message seeking comment. At Au Breve, a barista said he had heard rumors that the coffee shop might also expand, but said he wasn’t authorized to speak further.

Ms. Hakimi plans to guest curate a show at White Box gallery at 329 Broome Street in August. Meanwhile, her short-lived gallery is empty but for a ladder, some plywood and chairs.