DocuDrama: Gathering of the Tribes Told to Leave Within 10 Days

285-287 East Third StreetG.V.S.H.P. The Gathering of the Tribes building.

The battle between Gathering of the Tribes and its landlord rages on.

Yesterday the founder of the art space at 285 East Third Street, Steve Cannon, was served with a formal “10-day notice of termination” for “continued use of the premises as an office and art gallery, which is contrary to the lawful usage permitted by the certificate of occupancy for the building.”

The document (below) goes on to cite a violation from the Department of Buildings, as well as parties that have “disturbed the quiet enjoyment as well as affected the safety of other tenants in the building” as other reasons for the notice.

The landlord, Lorraine Zhang, and her lawyer were both unavailable for comment. It is unclear how this notice relates to the pending lawsuit regarding the attempt to boot Mr. Cannon from his space. Last month, a judge ruled that the dispute should be settled in State Supreme Court rather than Housing Court — an outcome that Mr. Cannon considered in his favor because the scope of the case could go beyond a standard eviction proceeding.

Steve CannonRuth Spencer Steve Cannon

“She wants me to respond to that in 10 days, there’s nothing for me to say,” said Mr. Cannon today. “Who is going to make the decision is not her. It has to go through the courts.”

In December, Gathering of the Tribes was told be out of its building within a month. Whether Mr. Cannon and his fellow artists are kicked out hinges upon the interpretation of a possession agreement he signed with Ms. Zhang when he sold her the building in 2004.

Meanwhile, a backyard screening of Clayton Patterson’s documentary, “Captured,” planned for this evening has been postponed to May 31 because of rain.

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