May We Share Some More Arrest Videos?

99%Tim Schreier Protester arrested at Sara D. Roosevelt Park

When we filed our final report on May Day activities in the wee hours of this morning, the police would say only that more than 30 were arrested during yesterday’s demonstrations. The final tally is now in: City Room reports that 34 people were taken into custody and another 52 issued desk appearance tickets.

The photo above is one of Tim Schreier’s newly posted shots from the Wildcat March at Sara D. Roosevelt Park. And arrest videos have also emerged on YouTube. A video posted by Kg4 shows a protester kicking out a police car window from inside of a cruiser. Another clip posted by 0TimOld0 shows barricades being tossed into the streets and police officers arresting a man during the Wildcat March from Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Another video shows officers grappling with and then arresting a protester on the park’s steps (a Vimeo clip shows the incident from another perspective). Yet another clip shows a woman, identified by the videographer as a N.Y.C.L.U. observer, being yanked away for disobeying an order to move. A video posted by OccupyTheLIRR shows arrests at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza. And Vimeo user Katherine Sullivan posted footage of “a number of people” being arrested while attempting to march from Washington Square Park to Union Square.

99%Tim Schreier

At Union Square, Gothamist filmed a woman being arrested by plainclothes officers who, according to the site, refused to identify themselves. She was charged with criminal possession of stolen property and petit larceny. That site also got footage of Detective Rick Lee, widely known as the “Hipster Cop,” forcefully demanding that a band turn its music down. (Guess he liked there older stuff better?)

Meanwhile, Runnin’ Scared, in two separate items, complained about the dismissive tone of a Post report (which, incidentally, put the number of arrests at over 50). The Voice’s blog also admired a man dressed as Jesus (as did Gothamist) and talked to police officers, some of whom felt the city’s response to the protest was overkill.

Elsewhere, Gamma Blog got video of the protest outside of The Strand, and Capital New York has a roll call of some of the groups that marched down Broadway.