First Look Inside the St. Marks 7-Eleven, Opening Within an Hour [Update: She’s Open!]

photo(127)Daniel Maurer

Just minutes ago, The Local got an early look inside the 7-Eleven that’s caused such a fuss on St. Marks Place, but any hope of bringing powdered mini donuts back to everyone at the office went poof when an employee told us the store wouldn’t open for another hour. Still, clerks were nice about letting lurkers take it all in, and one reporter jotted down notes by the chili-cheese dispenser. So here’s your first look inside: thank heaven for 7-Eleven?

Update | 12 a.m. Norman Jemal, the store’s owner, tells us it opened about twenty minutes ago. “Everyone’s been really supportive,” he said. “We’ve been giving away free Slurpees and free coffee.”