Bust at Campos Plaza Nets Loaded Gun, Drugs and Scales

crimestopDaniel Maurer Campos Plaza.

Narcotics officers arrested nine people inside an apartment in Campos Plaza that contained a loaded 9-millimeter, cocaine, marijuana, shotgun shells and scales.

A police spokesman said that the investigators served the warrant at an apartment at 641 East 13th Street around 5 p.m. on Sunday following a longterm investigation. Three men caught there face charges of criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a controlled substance, and criminally using drug paraphernalia. They are Andrew Hudson, 20, Jose Perez, 21, and Demetrius Blas, 17. The trio all have criminal records, according to a criminal complaint. The others busted in the apartment were released.

“We took a gun off the street, a gun that was recently used,” said Capt. John Cappelmann at last night’s meeting of the Ninth Precinct Community Council. “That will prevent a shooting in the future.”

Mr. Cappelmann would not specify what previous incident in the neighborhood involved the gun, but said that no one was hurt.

The police spokesman did not have information regarding how much cocaine or marijuana was in the apartment. The complaint only notes that “one large zip-lock bag containing cocaine was recovered from the kitchen area, one scale with cocaine residue was recovered from the kitchen area, and numerous empty zip-lock baggies were recovered.”

Mr. Cappelmann added that the police keep a close eye on Campos Plaza because of a gang rivalry involving another group based in the Baruch Houses. Though he didn’t mention either by name, the two gangs are presumably the Money Boys gang in Campos and the Stacks gang in Baruch. The complaint does not allege that the three suspects are gang members.

“We haven’t had an incident between the two [gangs] in the last four months — knock on wood,” said Mr. Cappelmann.