Know Your Occupiers: The Union Square Protester Primer, Pt. 3

Who are the men and women seeking to occupy Union Square Park? So far we’ve met Karin Hofmann and Justin Stone-Diaz as well as Fathema Shadida and Tim “Chyno” Chin. Today, meet two more of your new neighbors.

John EustorJared Malsin

Name: John Eustor
Age: 46
Originally from: Queens
Current residence: Was a full time occupier at Zuccotti Park, currently staying in New Jersey.
Current job: Unemployed computer programmer
Looking for work? “I’ve been looking for work, yeah, but I’m looking for work that is not in that corporate mindset. I worked in pharmaceuticals, banking. I worked on Wall Street for seven years. I worked for all these different kind of industries and they’re all the same.”
Ideology: “Spiritualist”
Claim to fame within the movement: Drum circle die-hard
Why occupy? “I’m occupying because I found a place where I can be myself, the activist that I truly am, with like-minded people around me that are supporting me.”
Favorite music: Miles Davis
Favorite book: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz
Other causes: Anti-war movement, human rights, civil rights, animal rights
Number of Occupy-related arrests: One, after resisting removal from Zuccotti Park.
Opinion of Mayor Bloomberg: “Bloomberg is a one-percenter who has taken Manhattan and made it very expensive to live in if you’re not part of that one percent.”
Opinion of President Obama and the Democrats: “I voted for Obama. I had high hopes. Those high hopes went out the window when he continued the wars.”
Favorite revolutionary leader: Abbie Hoffman
Favorite cop: “There’s three white shirt officers that I recognize,” who sometimes, but not always, coordinate march routes with him.


Carlton HallJared Malsin

Name: Carlton Hall
Age: 42
Originally from: Long Island
Current residence: The Bronx
Job before joining Occupy: Private investigator for companies, including Blackwater.
Current job: Carpenter
Ideology: “Conservative black male.”
Claim to fame within the movement: Member of OWS Bike Coalition, OWS Kitchen
Why occupy? “We are the 99 percent. We’re fighting for better health care, better education, better employment, how to work out these big student loans that we’re all sitting with, foreclosure issues.”
Favorite music: The Roots, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston
Favorite book: “Naked Lunch”
Other causes: Veterans of Foreign Wars (He is a veteran of the Navy who served in Iraq.)
Number of Occupy-related arrests: One, on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Opinion of Mayor Bloomberg: “I’m not trying to slander nobody or say nothing negative about him, but he needs to wake up a little bit to what’s going on in his five boroughs.”
Opinion of President Obama and the Democrats: Obama and Mitt Romney are “both one percenters. Whoever wants to run the country better, whatever, but I feel like hey, you know, Ron Paul should step up his game too.”
Favorite revolutionary leader: Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Malcolm X
Favorite cop: “Nope.”