Video: On East Ninth Street, Talk of Death and Taxes

“It is the real estate taxes that kill me,” Hossein Amid, owner of Gizmo Sewing Supply told The Local yesterday. “I hope that they do something about the real estate tax because my kind of business doesn’t make that kind of money.”

It’s a complaint we’ve heard more than a few times. Last week it was Abdul Patwary of Dual Specialty Store: “Taxes are really high,” he said. “This month I paid over $5,000. I always pray we’re going to be O.K.”

The week before that, Larry Guttman, a landlord who just leased space to a 7-Eleven, explained, “Property taxes are dramatic. The increases are incredible and they go up steadily every year.” Add to that, some believe that city property-value assessors are overburdened and aren’t trained well enough to make accurate assessments, as The Times reported yesterday.

The Local visited some of East Ninth Street’s beloved business owners to hear what they had to say. Watch the video above and you’ll see that some believe the burden of property taxes has become downright deadly.