Pols Want East River Fireworks

Happy July 3rd :) NYC

Daniel Squadron’s office has issued a press release indicating that the State Senator and other politicians are calling on Macy’s to move its fireworks, which have been launched off of the Hudson River since 2009, back to the east side. Sounds good, as long as the Hells Angels don’t revive a Fourth of July tradition described in “Alphaville” by former undercover officer Michael “Rambo” Codella: “On Third Street the Hells Angels took shopping carts and fifty-gallon oil drums, dumped hundreds of dollars in contraband fireworks into them, doused the whole thing with gasoline and, like it says on the package of Black Cats, would ‘light fuse, get away.'” The celebration turned deadly in 1990 when a 14-year-old boy was killed by shrapnel from the eruption.