How Much Do You Spend on Your Child’s Public Education?

PS 63 as STAR AcademyJessica Bell

Parents are constantly called upon to chip in for school supplies, whether it’s through the P.T.A. or through the fundraising Website that two teachers at the Neighborhood School favor. Sometimes, it gets ugly. Last week, The Times pointed to tension in certain schools where well-to-do gentrifiers have more to spend on increasingly expensive bake-sale cupcakes and auction items than their less privileged counterparts have. One example: At the East Village Community School, “which serves the children of architects and artists as well as those of housekeepers and handymen,” a backlash broke out when the Parent Association sent out a letter telling parents “we can do better” even though it had reached its $20,000 fundraising goal.

With the “season of asking” now in full swing, SchoolBook wants to know how much you spend on your child’s public education. Go here to tell the site.