Woman Wants to Know If You Saw Her Alleged ‘Unlawful and Violent Arrest’

photo(36)Daniel Maurer

A woman who claims she was subject to an “unlawful and violent arrest” on the sidewalk next to Tompkins Square Park is looking for witnesses to her detention, according to a flyer posted on the door of a building on East 10th Street.

The flyer seeks anyone who might have “witnessed the unlawful and violent arrest of a young Asian woman by two NYPD officers, across the street on the sidewalk next to Tompkins Square Park on late Tuesday night of Jan. 31/ Wednesday morning of Feb. 1 at approximately 1:30 am.”

The Local contacted the woman via a number attached to the flyer, but she declined to make her name or any other details public because of legal concerns related to the alleged incident.

The Police Department said no information about the matter was immediately available.