Two Bridges Resident Says $14,000 Deal With Housing Authority Is Off the Table

IMG_Pat  James 20624Evan Bleier Patricia James at home.

Patricia James, the Two Bridges resident who is locked in a $14,000 showdown with the New York City Housing Authority, says the Authority has withdrawn an offer that would’ve let her stay in her home of more than 30 years.

Last week, in an e-mail sent before her Tuesday hearing in housing court, Ms. James said the notice had been given to her attorney, Kofi Scott: “The Housing Authority’s lawyer advised [Mr. Scott] that her supervisor was not pleased that she had been contacted by [The Local] and the deal may be off the table!” Mr. Scott said that N.Y.C.H.A. had left a message on his answering machine, terminating a verbal agreement to let Ms. James stay in her apartment if she handed over a check for over $14,000 in back rent and if she agreed to two years of probation.

Appearing in housing court without a lawyer, Ms. James argued that the court had not given her attorney a notice of appearance. The judge asked her to return with Mr. Scott on Wednesday, March 7.

Ms. James said that if she is served with an eviction notice on Wednesday, she won’t know how to proceed. “I just got so exhausted and disgusted and sort of accepted the fact that there’s no help coming and they’re going to be able to do whatever it is they choose,” she said. “I’ve tried contacting all the relevant politicians, community agencies and the media. I don’t know what else to do.”

Ms. James said she originally stopped paying rent when N.Y.C.H.A. failed to address a rodent infestation and other poor conditions in her apartment. The Housing Authority said it would not comment on pending litigation.