7-Eleven Celebrates Its Opening in Style

7-eleven grand openingDaniel Maurer

Earlier this week, it was National Pancake Day at IHOP and today: 7-Eleven celebrates its grand opening on the Bowery with 25-cent specials, giveaways, and a balloon-making clown. One lucky raffle entrant won a basketball hoop; Diane Schwartz, posing here, took home a golf bag. The 48-year-old disabled resident of B.R.C.’s Palace Hotel just a block away on the Bowery took a different tone than David Cross and others who’ve griped about the 7-Eleven. “It’s good to have around because you can have your coffee and get a free refill,” said the regular customer. “All the other coffee places around here are kind of expensive.” She cited a store across the street that charges $1 for a cup.

Ms. Schwartz continued, “Having a 7-Eleven in the neighborhood helps all people, rich and poor – plus they accept food stamps now.”

Not only that, but according to a man handing out coupons for 49-cent donuts and Big Bite hot dogs, “there’s always a celebrity in the store.” We have a feeling he was joking about that one.