7-Eleven Not a Sure Thing for 14th Street?

ihopDaniel Maurer 239 East 14th Street in background.

More than a month after EV Grieve spotted a job filing with the Department of Buildings indicating that 239 East 14th Street will be remodeled to accommodate a 7-Eleven, a “Store for Rent” sign is still posted at the former home of Exquisite DVD & Video. Today, The Local put in a call to Larry Guttman, a principal of the company that owns the building. He said, “Nothing’s set yet. All I can tell you is that we’ve been negotiating with several different companies and a couple of different companies are interested in the space and there’s due diligence going on.”

“It’s not easy to make a deal,” he said, adding that brokers and their clients have shown a good deal of interest in the space next to the new IHOP. “We’ve been approached by several bars, restaurants, 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, a hamburger place. Talk is cheap.”

Mr. Guttman said he hopes to have a deal wrapped up in the next few weeks. We’ll update you as soon as information becomes available.