What’s Up With That Doggie in the Window?

It takes a lot to turn heads on the Bowery, but when a reporter for The Local spotted a little white dog jumping at some nude mannequins last night, it was enough to stop and take notice.

“Is that dog stuck there?” said an onlooker who also noticed the pooch barking at passersby. “That poor thing. And those flashing lights can’t be good for the dog.”

Several people stopped to stare and wonder whether the pup was part of the risque display, next-door to the Bowery Poetry Club.

But Sandy Armeni, a friend of Patricia Field, said there’s no need to worry, since the mannequins are part of the designer’s personal home. “It was a white dog? Yes, you passed by Patricia’s house, and it’s her dog,” said Ms. Armeni over the phone today. “The dog is not part of the display. The dog can go in and out where that display is. He wasn’t stuck there.”

Ms. Armeni added, “Please, it’s her baby. She loves her dog. We’re not going to put any dog in the window. We love animals!”

Meanwhile, just a few doors down on the Bowery, Scott Lynch snapped this photo at The Hole gallery’s current exhibit, “Two Heads Are Better Than One.” We’re not even going to ask.

Theo A. Rosenblum and Chelsea Seltzer: Two Heads are Better than One, at The HoleScott Lynch

Correction, July 9, 2013: The original post was revised to correct an error. Sandy Armeni is a friend of Patricia Field, and not an employee of her store as originally stated.