Ratner’s Buttons Up For Sale

Ratners breakfastAmalie R. Rothschild Breakfast at Ratner’s

Here’s a chance to own a piece of East Village history: A Craigslist poster is selling buttons said to have been worn by the servers at Ratner’s, the 24-hour dairy restaurant that was located at 111 Second Avenue (now the Met Foods supermarket) before it closed in 1974. They’re going for $20.

Amalie R. Rothschild noted in her Viewfinder about the Fillmore East that the restaurant, which was next-door to the Fillmore, “had these very old Jewish waiters who were put off by the hippie crowd. They did not like us and were surly and difficult.” Her photo of breakfast at Ratner’s (above) doesn’t show the waiters wearing the buttons, but maybe you remember them? Or were these from the Ratner’s on Delancey Street? We’ve e-mailed the Craigslist poster for more information and will update it if we get it.