Crime Report: Burgled Businesses and Stolen Rides

Today, we’re looking back on the past month of crime within the Ninth Precinct. Earlier it was beat-downs, brawls, and blades. Now: Burgled businesses and stolen rides.

    Daniel Maurer A burglar struck Angels and Kings on
    Jan. 16.
  • A burglar struck Angels and Kings on East 11th Street on Jan. 16. An employee told the police that as he left his apartment in the morning he noticed the gate of the bar near Avenue A was lifted up and the cash registers were empty.
  • A burglar snatched a 46-inch television from the Haven Plaza community center on Jan. 22. An employee told police that she arrived for work at the center near Avenue C and East 12th Street and noticed the padlock to an entrance on the floor. Another door was locked from the inside, and the television was missing from its mount on a wall.
  • Someone stole $300 from Baohaus on Jan. 23. An employee of the restaurant on East 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues told the police that the bandit must have entered through a rear bathroom window, which had a broken lock from apparently being forced open.
  • Unfortunately, this type of crime is all too common: two burglars stole laptops from Uncommon Schools on Broadway on Jan. 23. Surveillance footage captured the suspects forcing their way into the charter school network’s office on Broadway between East 12th and 13th Streets at around 2:57 a.m.
  • A well-coordinated trio of burglars broke into Spina restaurant on Jan. 27 but didn’t retrieve any cash. A witness told the police that he saw one suspect acting as a lookout at the entrance to the restaurant on Avenue B at East 11th Street. When the owner arrived he saw that the window of the front door had been broken and that the cash register had been moved (but not opened).
  • One can only assume that the owner would love to S’mac whoever did this. A thief broke into the mac and cheese destination on 12th Street on Jan. 30 but failed to open the register. Surveillance footage showed the suspect broke the front gate of the eatery between First and Second Avenues at around 12:20 a.m. He then went straight for the register but couldn’t pry it open.
  • A burglar broke into Live Live and Organic and stole a laptop on Feb. 9. Police said that a rear door of the store on East 10th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A had been pried open.
  • 11B Express pizzeria lost $145 on Feb. 9. An employee told the police that when he opened the pizza joint on Avenue B at 11th Street he noticed that the front door was broken. Both registers had been pried open.
  • Talk about a cheap way to make a buck. The manager of Cheeps suspects that one of his employees stole $1,369 from the register on Feb. 4. The manager told the police that there was no sign of forced entry at the takeout joint on Second Avenue near St. Marks Place.
  • A thief made off with a stolen scooter on Jan. 25. The 30-year-old owner of the ride told the police he had parked it on East Fifth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B at around 8 p.m. When he returned the next day it was missing.
  • A motorcycle parked on East Houston Street was stolen on Jan. 29. The owner of the bike told the police he had parked it between Avenue A and Avenue B at around 11 a.m. When he returned it was gone. Police arrested a pair of men for the stolen motorcycle in the 77th Precinct, which covers Crown Heights and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn.