Viewfinder | Village Snowscapes


I’m originally from Paris, so I’m fascinated by New York in the snow. I’ve lived here for almost 13 years now, but like a child, I’m still the first one out when it snows. For the first storm of 2012, I left my apartment in the East Village to capture the pristine landscape before it got spoiled by traffic. The hardened conditions turned the streets into a desert, with people like the ones above looking for a warm, dry refuge.


The police are roaming, very slowly making sure that everything is in order.


After a night out, SoHo’s active streets are often left messy. One might wrongly think the storm was really strong.


The trees will always be there, resisting the elements. Their color contrasts well with the white streets and the taxis.


Finally, Christmas lights can enjoy some of the snow.


A girl walking with her small umbrella, crossing Prince(ss) Street.


Taxis work under any conditions, the snow over and under their tires.

Sam Levy is a community contributor to The Local. His photography can be seen here. He founded citifari, a company that offers photo tours in New York.