Billy Leroy’s ‘Baggage Battles’ Is Set for April, Tent Comes Down Next Month

billyCourtesy Travel Channel Billy Leroy on the set of “Baggage Battles.”

Billy Leroy, the proprietor of Billy’s Antiques & Props, said the goodbye bash that was originally planned for late January probably won’t happen until next month, and it’ll be followed by a proper burial.

“We’re going to have a monster party. It’s going to be in March, most likely on the tenth. I’m confirming the date this week,” said Mr. Leroy, who just got back from filming in Atlanta and Indianapolis for the Travel Channel show, “Baggage Battles.”

“The party’s going to be inside the old Billy’s tent,” he said. “It’s going to be a real blowout. After the party will be the destruction of the tent. It’s coming down, and we’re burying it.”

The first episode of “Baggage Battles,” which Mr. Leroy co-hosts, premieres April 11, and is set in Miami. “It was 10 days of filming back-to-back. It was killer,” he said.

Meanwhile, around the corner from Billy’s, another sort of tent has come down: the slapdash shelter that belonged to William Hernandez is gone.