Aromatherapy Shop Moving To Fourth Street; Porsena May Move In

IMG_0708Stephen Rex Brown Owner Lalita Kumut, along with her friend Daphne Blake (left) and her cousin, Maka Inthraphuvasak, pack up the Aromatherapy store on East Seventh Street.

After 20 years, a fragrance shop on East Seventh Street is moving three blocks south, and the owner of Porsena is considering expanding into the vacated space.

Lalita Kumut, the owner of Aromatherapy Bath and Body Oils, said that her lease had expired in December, but that she’d been holding out for a new location. “My customers told me to wait until another lease came up — I’m a good tenant,” Ms. Kumut said. “Finally, I found something nice.”

IMG_0715Stephen Rex Brown

She hopes to open her new location at 65 East Fourth Street — formerly occupied by Sara’s Jewelry — in time for Valentine’s Day. That will be good news for her customers, who she said are devoted to her custom fragrances. “We got so many phone calls saying ‘Please don’t go. I’ll follow you to your living room,'” said Ms. Kumut.

An employee at the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association confirmed that Aromatherapy would be moving in. The executive director of the Association, Valerio Orselli, was unavailable, but Ms. Kumut said that she was awarded the below-market-rate lease because she lives nearby on East Fourth Street near Avenue A.

As for what will take over, Ms. Kumut said that her landlord had told her Porsena would be expanding into her space. “We are considering it,” said Sara Jenkins, the owner of the year-old restaurant. “We haven’t made a decision yet.”