Bleecker Bob’s Bound for East Village?

Chang W. Lee/The New York TimesChang W. Lee/The New York Times

The news that both Bleecker Bob’s Records and the Holiday Cocktail Lounge would close amounted to a brutal double-whammy for many locals living around the Village. But there’s a silver lining: Jennifer Kitzer, a longtime partner of Bleecker Bob’s, told The Local that if worst comes to worst, the store will move to the East Village or Lower East Side.

For now, though, she and the staff are focused on remaining in their current location. “We’re not closing permanently — we’re not running out of there anytime soon,” said Ms. Kitzer, who later added, “I’m not looking to shut the name down, shut the store down. There’s going to be a fight in us.”

While Ms. Kitzer gears up for the fight (she said she was still negotiating with the landlord) she is also scouting potential locations to the east, as first indicated on the Greenwich Village Daily Photo blog. “We love the East Village. I think there’s a music community coming back there. I think it’s actually better than Greenwich Village,” she said. “I think the kids would love us.”

Ms. Kitzer said that the rumor that a Starbucks would replace the iconic store at 118 West Third Street was nothing more than that. She also noted the store may be able to stick around past April, which was originally thought to be when Bob’s must close.

“Who knows?” she said. “Maybe if this draws some attention the landlord will rethink.”