Resolutions Urge Racial Sensitivity in Military, Police Department

Tomorrow after a public hearing, the City Council’s Committee on Civil Rights and the Committee on Veterans will vote on a resolution prompted by the death of Danny Chen, the East Village soldier who committed suicide in Afghanistan after he was allegedly abused by his peers. Resolution 1188 “calls upon the United States Department of Defense to closely examine its policies around cultural diversity and sensitivity and to impose more effective and comprehensive training regiments for military personnel in cultural awareness, diversity and sensitivity to prevent the discrimination and harassment of all military personnel, including servicemen and women within its ranks.” The hearing will take place at 250 Broadway, on the 16th floor, at 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, The Villager reports that during Community Board 3’s meeting on Tuesday, the board voted to support a resolution, brought by Borough President Scott Stringer, calling for an investigation into the police department’s stop-and-frisk practices. Mr. Stringer has blamed the controversial policy for “creating a wall of distrust between people of color and the police that makes it harder, not easier, to solve crimes.”