‘The Angelheads’: The Most East Village-y Movie Since ‘Rent’?

The above teaser for “The Angelheads” was just posted to YouTube, and a bit of internet sleuthing reveals there will be a fundraiser for the “romantic serio-comic independent feature film” at Phoenix Bar tonight at 7 p.m. True to the titular Ginsberg line about angelheaded hipsters, the film’s four protagonists seem to be burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night – mostly in cramped East Village apartments, though occasionally they get some air on a sun-splashed tenement rooftop or in Tompkins Square Park.

Per the film’s Twitter stream, shooting locations also included the Ninth Ward and East Side Ink, and the poster (tagline: “Love. Art. Ink.”) was shot at the Astor Place cube. We’ll have more about this local production as it nears its summer release date; in the meantime, enjoy the first look.

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