Just How Hard Is It to Find a Republican in the East Village?

In 2008, Barack Obama got 86% of the vote in Manhattan, and crowds flooded St. Marks Place to celebrate. The East Village tends to be a liberal neighborhood, see. Evidence: this “East Village Other” cover from 1967 making light of Lyndon B. Johnson’s State of the Union address (a blog with an unpublishable name posted it on the heels of President Obama’s address to Congress last night). Decades after the hippie era, it’s still hard to find a Republican in this cradle of anarchy.

To find out just how hard, we hit the streets with cameras rolling yesterday and lo and behold, we found one! Watch the video above, and tell us: are you, too, an East Village Republican? Have you ever had to bite your tongue while talking politics at a local dive because you didn’t want the bartender spitting in your drink? Don’t be shy: None other than Johnny Ramone once said that “punk is right wing.”