Workers Picket Outside Saint Brigid’s Church

Electrical Workers on StrikeSuzanne Rozdeba Tommy Waters (right) and picketing electrical workers.

Electrical workers with Local Union 3 were picketing this morning outside Saint Brigid’s Church on Avenue B.

About 20 members of the union had been standing outside the church since 7 a.m. Tommy Waters, the picket captain, said they were on strike against Denmar Electric, a contractor doing electrical work for the church’s renovation.

“These workers have been on this job, working on St. Brigid’s, for over a year now. It’s an ongoing project,” he said. “They were told by the owner of Denmar Electric on Jan. 6 that he would have no more use for them.”

Mr. Waters said the group had been stationed outside the church since Jan. 10. “The workers have been replaced with non-skilled, non-union workers,” he said. “We want public awareness of what’s going on. We all want to be represented.”

Asked how long they’ll hold the line, he said, “We will continue to stay here until need be. This is important so that the workers can represent themselves and fight for their working rights.”

The Local has left a message asking Denmar for comment.