Leave a Bike Out for a Year and It’ll Disappear (or Not)

bikeDaniel Maurer

What happens when you leave a bike out for a year? Red Peak, a branding and design company, decided to find out by chaining one to a pole in SoHo and photographing it every day. Their time-lapse video, posted by EV Grieve, shows the bike disappearing by day 270. Maybe we’re jaded from so many bike thefts, but isn’t this a little man bites dog?

If you want a real story, take a look at the glorious Huffy above. Back in 2009, the author of this post chained it to a pole in the East Village, stupidly lost the key to the lock, and decided it wasn’t worth spending the $75 to $95 that a local locksmith would’ve charged to cut the chain. It was December (not quite biking weather), and this thing wasn’t exactly Tour de France material. But, man – more than two years later, it’s still there. As you can see, the tires have gone flat and the wheels have rusted, but still – impressive! Heck, after two years of salary bumps, it might just be time to spring for a locksmith. Every time we pass by it, it gives us the saddest little puppy-dog eyes.