At 14th Street Y, Six Short Plays Inspired By Fizz

Ken UrbanKen Collins Ken Urban, the man behind “Fizz Play.”

Even playwrights have to take a breather every once in a while.

Six writers working intensely on full-length plays over the course of 18 weeks will relax on Monday through freewheeling 10-minute productions riffing off of the word “fizz.”

“We find that everyone has a good time taking a break in their full-length play process and quickly conceiving these 10-minute plays. It’s like a writing exercise where you get a prompt and just go with it,” said Jessi Hill, who is directing the aptly titled “Fizz Play” by Ken Urban.

Each year, the terraNova Collective selects one word from a long list of homophones and gives it to their playwrights-in-residence. Last year, the word was “bug.” In 2010, it was “speed.”

“We try to choose a word that that not only has multiple meanings but has a lightness and levity to it, in hopes of inspiring each playwright to write something fun,” said Ms. Hill, who is also the director of the playwrights group dubbed the Groundbreakers.

The money from the quirky showcase goes towards the playwrights’ larger productions. As for how exactly the plays convey “fizz,” Ms. Hill wasn’t saying. The only hint of the subject matter comes from terraNova’s website, which describes “Frosty the Snowman reliving, ghost dogs appearing, lesbians taking out Castro (and) psychotic mothers spinning out of control” among other ideas.

“They are very short plays, so to say much more than that would give everything away,” Ms. Hill said. “It’s fun for the audience to come and see the vastly different takes and styles each of these very different writers have.”

“The Fizz Plays” at the 14th Street Y, 344 E 14th Street (between First and Second Avenues), $10, buy tickets here.