Gunpoint Robbery on 14th Street

metroDaniel MaurerPolice officers outside of Metro PCS
last night.

Two men robbed a wireless store at gunpoint on 14th Street last night, forcing two employees into the store’s basement while they made off with what police said was $4,000 in cash.

An employee at the Metro PCS store at 350 East 14th Street said that two black men wearing black leather jackets, hoodies, and shades also made off with his personal cell phone.

The police said that one of the men, thought to be in his 40s or 50s, with a salt-and-pepper beard and a black stocking hat (the employee described it as a ski hat), displayed a black revolver while another man thought to be in his 30s or 40s, who wore white latex gloves, went behind the counter to remove money from the register. That’s when the employees were ordered into the basement.

“When they told me to go into the basement, I thought something was going to happen,” said the 28-year-old employee, who did not wish to be named. He said the robbers were aware of the basement and seemed to have prior knowledge of the store. “They kept their heads away from the cameras,” he said.

The employee said that his main concern was for his 25-year-old co-worker. “I wasn’t really scared,” he said. “I was more worried about my co-worker rather than myself. She was very nervous. I grew up in New York, so I know how it is.”

The robbery, reported shortly after 7 p.m., brought all available units to the block between First and Second Avenues; the suspects are still at large.