Chatter Box | In Two Cases, Sympathy for Tenants and Landlords Alike

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Readers are reacting to the possible disappearance of two neighborhood long-timers. The first, Polonia, is already gone, as The Local reported last week. Renata Jurczyk, who owned the Polish restaurant with her husband for 28 years, said she couldn’t afford the rent after her landlord more than tripled it. Last week also brought news that Steve Cannon, the owner of A Gathering of the Tribes, was ordered to move out of his East Third Street space by the end of the month. Readers have responded by expressing sympathy for the local institutions, but also for their landlords. Here’s what they had to say.

Pity the poor tenant
Regarding A Gathering of the Tribes:

“It is obvious the owner just wants to get Tribes out so she can sell the building and get more money. She is responsible for building repairs such as plumbling, not her blind tenant.” — Kati Duncan

“If steve [Cannon] gets evicted, don’t worry: your headaches will INCREASE. We will notify ALL new tenants of the over-charging etc, and you’ll have several housing court cases against you and will pay $$$$$$ in refunds. Happens every day b/c landlords ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY AND GREED.” — cxb

“[The landlord] got prime real estate, now what is she complaining about? My daughter recently held a poetry event there and it was one of the most beautiful events I have ever attended. I hope that Gathering of the Tribes can stay!” — Karen Boutet

“Also, it doesn’t better how often the toilet gets clogged. She has to fix it. Owning property isn’t about having fixed expenses every month that you always want to pay. Every home owner knows that. You bought a building with crappy plumbing. Deal with it. Price of doing business.”— Morris

Regarding Polonia:

“If $3,500 was good enough for so long, why triple the rent? Have taxes tripled? No, the landlord’s greed tripled!” — Nancy

285-287 East Third StreetG.V.S.H.P.

Pity the poor landlord
Regarding A Gathering of the Tribes:

“At the time the Possession Agt that Steve Cannon entered into, Steve Cannon was represented by an attorney. For Steve Cannon to now say he has ‘young kids’ helping him out and didn’t realized the importance of the document is straight out a lie.” — Joe

“This building is a 4 family building. Steven Cannon is running a commercial enterprise in a residential building. So, Kati, why don’t you spearhead ‘community group’ and purchase the building for Tribes?” — Joe

Regarding Polonia:

“Why do they blame the person (landlord) and not the Real Estate market?” — someone
“Wow- 3500 for a full service restaurant is one SWEET heart of a deal for a restaurant lease in the east village nowadays. Maybe the restaurant owners should have also THANKED the landlord for giving them a VERY favorable lease for 25 years and allowed them to make a living. $10k per month is MORE than fair for rent in Manhattan.” — Thing About It

“I agree that the asking rents are insane but these landlords have little choice. I think whats crazier are the people willing to pay the high rents and allow the landlords to hold on to their cheap mortgages. The days of cheap rent are over until we allow the defaults to happen which as thebailouts proved – will never happen.” — Joe