Slideshow: Inside the Amato Opera Building, Still on the Market

Photos: Paul Wagtouicz

Since the Amato Opera closed in 2009, it has been one of the more notable vacant buildings on the Bowery. The opera’s founder died yesterday of cancer, and the building is still empty and on the market for $6.5 million.

The broker of the building at 319 Bowery, Lauren Muss, said she planned to show the property twice today. “It’s definitely interesting to people, it’s just about a price,” Ms. Muss said. “They make offers, then they disappear.”

Ideas for the space, which The Local was allowed into earlier today, have run the gamut. Some prospective buyers were interested in converting it into a one-family home, others wanted to turn it into a nightclub, restaurant or bar. In 2009, the rumor was that the building would be home to a new theater troupe. That fell through, and in 2010 the word was that it would be a mega restaurant-theater combo. Then earlier this year the building was back on the market, with an asking price that was nearly double what it was when the opera closed.

Have a look a Corcoran’s brochure below.

319 Bowery Brochure