Lucy Is Back at the Bar

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 9.45.18 AMSuzanne Rozdeba

A little earlier than expected, Lucyna Mickievicius has reopened her namesake bar, Lucy’s, after visiting family.

“I was in Poland for nine days in Warsaw, and I was with my son and daughter,” she told The Local yesterday in Polish. “In New York you’re always running and it’s good to get away. But when you don’t have New York, you miss it dearly.”

Lucy said she had a good time abroad. “My sister came to see me from the city of Gdansk, and I saw some of my old, dear friends. It was wonderful to see them.”

But she missed her customers, too. She was on her way to her bar on Avenue A when she told The Local, “I’m very excited that I’m back.”

We are, too. Stay tuned for our video tribute to Ms. Mickievicius.