Terroir’s Holiday Message: ‘The Virgin Mary Needs a Glass of Wine’

terroirDaniel Maurer

That lawyer on East Seventh Street isn’t the only local prone to posting inscrutable messages in the window. Zany screeds often appear in the window of Hearth’s next-door wine bar, Terroir. This month’s installment is, of course, holiday themed. You can read the messages more clearly via Terroir’s online wine list, but if you’re not up for exploring the sprawling document, know that it includes salutes to Santa Claus, Antiochus Epiphanes, and the Virgin Mary.

Why does the “nice Jewish girl from Bethlehem” need a glass of wine this season? “Because finding out you are pregnant with the Son of God via the Angel Gabriel is rather intimidating compared to other versions of E.P.T.s,” reads the document. And also: “Because you lacked health insurance (despite Obama’s efforts) and the best that anyone could offer for a birthplace was a meager manger in Bethlehem.”

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