The Day | Sidewalk Slashings at First and First

leavesAlexander Kok

Good morning, East Village.

The Daily News reports that a “nut went wild” outside of La Vie Lounge around 4 a.m. Friday: “A 27-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman had left the club and were standing down the block, on the corner of First St. and First Ave., when a man slashed her face and her companion’s face and chest, a police source said.” A 23-year-old was also slashed by a suspect that was brought in for questioning. The Local will have more information as it becomes available.

According to NY1, the police are looking for a man in his 40s who is said to have attacked two elderly men – one of them 71 and the other 77 – in Stuyvesant Town earlier this month. A resident still considers it “one of the safest places you could live in New York City.” Update | 10:25 a.m. Arrest in Stuyvesant Town Muggings.

In case you missed the news Thursday: Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has issued an internal memo to N.Y.P.D. officers stating, in the words of the Daily News, that “officers should permit media as close to the activity as possible and that media should not always be restricted from entering private property.” The memo followed the controversial arrests of journalists covering the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, including a reporter and photographer for The Local.

Soccer bar Nevada Smiths announced on its website that it would close last night ahead of its move one block north next year. EV Grieve takes a look at what’s next for the bar and its current home, which faces demolition.

Grieve points out that the owner of the shuttered Chocolate Library on St. Marks Place is attempting to revive the sweets store via a Kickstarter campaign.

Despite worries that his mural for Bobwhite Counter might be his last before an extended stay in Florida, Chico is at it again: Bowery Boogie catches him adding a mural to a building at 6 Avenue B.

After The Local posted a video of performance artist Matthew Silver’s Astor Place antics last month, the so-called “man in white dress” has caught the attention of Gothamist.

After setting a record by eating eight pounds of turkey in ten minutes, competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi spent the rest of Thanksgiving volunteering at the Bowery Mission, according to Make.Market.Sell.

The Huffington Post looks back on a onetime fixture of the Bowery, Otto Tolpefer, the Man with Two Mouths.

Portfolio bemoans the lack of East Village retailers that participated in Small Business Saturday.

The Wall Street Journal profiles the Klezmatics. Led by trumpeter Frank London, an East Village resident, they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new album, “Live at Town Hall.”

The Journal recommends Dok Suni, the Korean spot that has been on First Avenue since 1993, as “a good place to hibernate.”