A Familiar Sign is Obscured as Former Jubb’s Longevity Space Goes Up for Rent

jubbsDaniel Maurer

For the past decade, the blue awning at 508 East 12th Street has boasted the name of Jubb’s Longevity, the shop that sold organic, raw, and vegan food from the storefront until it closed in 2008. In recent days, a banner went up over the awning indicating that the space is up for rent.

According to a sign on the door, the location between Avenues A and B currently serves as the office of Jason Hennings and the companies that operate Diablo Royale and Black Iron Burger Shop. Mr. Hennings could not be reached for comment today, but Ken Brandman, President of New York Commercial Real Estate Services and the broker representing the space, said that the restaurateur will move out at the end of the month.

Last week, Mr. Hennings went before Community Board 3’s liquor licensing committee, where neighbors complained about Diablo Royale Este, the establishment he operates on Avenue A, up the block from the 12th Street office.

Mr. Brandman, who recently brokered the deal that brought Euphoria Loves Rawvolution to the storefront two doors over, described the $4,000-per-month rent as a “pretty good deal,” and said that the 400-square-foot space could be used for food service. He touted polished concrete floors, though he admitted a new storefront would have to be installed.

As for David Jubb, who claimed to be a “breatharian” (existing mostly on light, air, honey, tea, and – yes – his own urine) back when he owned Jubb’s Longevity, he’s still promoting “LifeFood” on a personal Website (and during a recent tour of Europe), and sells herbs, teas, and probiotics online.