Video: ‘Trash Worship’ Artist Turns Bottle Caps Into Art

Back in August, when Tropical Storm Irene felled a 60-foot-tall willow tree at La Plaza Cultural, City Room reported that Rolando Politi, whose flowers made from recycled garbage adorn the community garden, planned to honor the tree with a new work of art.

His piece, a miniature tree made from bottle caps, was completed in October. It’s part of a project that Mr. Politi began in Copenhagen in 2010, as a way of reusing plastic caps (made from a material that is different from the rest of the bottle) that are usually discarded by recycling centers. On designated “Kappo Days,” the artist has taught children near his East Village home – as well as students in Switzerland, Denmark, Michigan, and beyond – how to transform trash into toys. See some of Mr. Politi’s creations in The Local’s video.