With Push For New Occupant On, An Inside Look at the Present (and Future?) State of Former P.S. 64

Singer Financial Corp and Stephen Rex Brown.

Less than an hour before a meeting at Theatre 80 regarding the long-vacant building that once housed P.S. 64, The Local has obtained new images of what its future could be. A flyer commissioned by the building’s owner, Gregg Singer, states that the 100-year-old building on East Ninth Street between Avenues B and C “will soon undergo a cutting-edge, comprehensive redevelopment and historic restoration to transform this turn of the century, New York City landmark into a modern community facility use such as a new school, medical, hospital or health-related use, college or school dormitory, museum, non-profit organization with or without sleeping accommodations or any other use as defined as a ‘Community Facility Use'” by city zoning laws.

The flyer, which depicts the former school building’s courtyard being used as an outdoor cafe, then goes on to raise the possibility of condominiums in the 152,075-square-foot building, or the separate leasing of its six stories. Lastly, the flyer notes that a gymnasium, pool, auditorium or theater could be built on the ground floor.

For roughly the last 10 years the building has sat vacant; the result of a showdown between the building’s owner, Gregg Singer, and an assortment of community groups who fear that it will only cater to wealthy residents.

The Local will have more from tonight’s meeting. In the meantime, view our slideshow to see the building in its current state, as well as renderings of what the future may hold.