Joe Dobias Opens JoeDough Sandwich Shop: How It’s Looking, What It’s Cooking

Photos: Noah Fecks

Yesterday evening, Joe Dobias, the chef-owner of JoeDoe on First Street, opened a spin-off sandwich shop, JoeDough, at 135 First Avenue between St. Marks Place and Ninth Street. Slicing bread in a 4-seat nook decorated with personal tchotkes, Mr. Dobias said, “This place is for the customers. It’s about what they want. My other restaurant is about my ego and what I want.”

That said, at least a couple of JoeDough’s $10 sandwiches are carryovers from JoeDoe: The Conflicted Jew consists of chicken liver, bacon and onions on challah bread; the JoseDoe Cubano is made with roasted pork shoulder, shoulder bacon, Swiss cheese, mustard sauce and house-made pickles.

Mr. Dobias worked at a slate of Asian-influenced restaurants, including Ming Tsai’s Boston restaurant Blue Ginger, before opening JoeDoe on First Street. That experience influenced his self-described “aggressive American” cooking style. “I tend to use chilies, spice and vinegar over butter and oil,” he said.

Asian cuisine isn’t his only influence: He grew up in Long Island, and his background is Italian and Irish. His girlfriend Jill Schulster, whose silk ballet slippers hang on the wall, is Jewish. (His Almighty Brisket sandwich is shown in The Local’s slideshow.)

Mr. Dobias said he might expand his range still further, by opening a vegetarian restaurant next. “I’m actually the furthest thing from a vegetarian,” he said, “but if you took the meat out of my meat dishes, they would still taste very good.”

In the meantime, JoeDough is open (and delivering at 212-780-9222) from noon till 10 p.m. daily; late-night service may launch early next year. Have a look at the menu.

$14 with a drink and chips

JoseDoe Cubano
Hero, swiss, roast pork, shoulder bacon, pickles

The Almighty Brisket
Brioche bun, cheddar, horseradish mayo

The Strong Island
Daily ‘parmesan’ preparation

Chicken Avocado Club
Challah, tomatillo chicken, bacon

Stoner’s Delight
A serious upgrade of the sad old grilled cheese

L.E.S. French Dip
Griddled tongue, horseradish, au jus

The Wedge Sandwich
Iceberg, blue cheese dressing

After School Special
White bread, fried bologna, mustard, chips

The Conflicted Jew
Liver, bacon, onion on challah

Pickled vegetable – $5
Coleslaw – $5
Potato salad – $5
Chips – $2

S’mores – $4
Rice pudding – $4

Coke, Diet Coke, Manhattan Special espresso soda – $3
Housemade celery soda & lime in da coconut – $3
Dollar coffee and dollar iced coffee (little Joe size) – $1
Big Joe (iced and hot) – $2