What’s It Like Being a Blind Art Gallery Owner? New Exhibit Aims to Answer

“Where Am I?”, an exhibit that opened at A Gathering of the Tribes last week, is the latest (after “Blind Light” last month) to take inspiration from the Third Street gallery’s owner, Steve Cannon.

Attendees enter a dark room filled with fog and are guided through a labyrinth of sculptures that they cannot see but are encouraged to touch. The intention is to mimic the way that Mr. Cannon experiences art despite having been diagnosed with glaucoma in 1991 (that same year, he retired from teaching at the City University of New York and started “A Gathering of the Tribes” as a literary journal).

On Dec. 9, the sculptures will be revealed to the public, to the accompaniment of a burlesque show narrated by Mr. Cannon. They’ll remain on view until they are auctioned off on Jan. 5.

“People should expect a really fun time, and a chance to see a communal exhibition space thrive and conquer in its mission to expose the underexposed downtown art scene,” said the show’s curator, Jessie Mac, of the Dec. 9 event.

Watch The Local’s video, above, to find out how Mr. Cannon continues to stay apace with the worlds of art and literature.