Viewfinder | 1,150 Days


For “1,150 Days,” I’ve photographed elements of day-to-day life in New York City to create a daily record of the environment I call home. It’s interesting how many different versions of New York have surfaced: a city centered around parked bicycles, a city of colorful lights and abstract shapes, and a city where pigeons try to fit in, too. Each of these seemingly mundane perspectives reveals a sense of levity and wonder; a reminder that the background of our daily lives is comprised of many unexpected and often missed details. What draws me to shoot in the East Village is the area’s culture, its fascinating people, and the living history of each block. Like JR’s TED-prize-winning Inside Out Project in Cooper Square, featuring portraits of local citizens.



Neon is normally used to send a bold message. “Heartbreak” is one of the boldest messages I’ve seen.



One of the best things about snacking in the East Village is being able to grab a seat outside and watch life go by.



The square in front of St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery attracts crowds, pianos and, of course, pigeons. The interaction between them can be incredibly dynamic.


24 Hour ATM Inside

The rain brings out color in the reflections of the street.



A new street art campaign has popped up in the East Village focusing on the commoditization of bottled water and applying it to an even more essential part of life: air.


Take Your Own Portraits

The Lakeside Lounge houses some real nostalgia – a vintage film photo booth, at a real bargain.



As it gets darker earlier, the enticing lights of restaurants try to pull in diners while residents park their motorcycles on the street.


Your Future Has Been Adjusted

Even though taxis flock to the area, it’s always impossible to grab one.



One of the greatest things about shooting in the East Village is finding signs and storefronts that have fallen out of commission. They are remnants of the past that give you a glimpse into the history of a particular street.


Joel Zimmer is a Canadian photographer, currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. His work can be seen here.