The Day | More Halloween Hellraising Caught on Tape

Good morning, East Village.

On Halloween, The Local spotted a dance party in the middle of the intersection of St. Marks and First Avenue, and shortly after, a raging fistfight on the same street between Second and Third Avenues. Footage of the dance party has now hit YouTube, and the Vimeo clip above shows chaos down the street as well, though we’re not sure it’s the same melee we saw: a confrontation erupts as youngsters take over the street and jump on the roof of a car, seemingly denting it in.

Happier footage posted to YouTube: A clip from “‘Following Srila Prabhupada,” showing the Hare Krishna founder chanting in the park as Allen Ginsberg and others look on.

In the Post, Maureen Callahan describes Karl Fischer (currently involved with projects on East 12th Street and East Third Street) as the city’s “most loathed architect,” and a creator of “glass-curtained boxes flecked with grim brick or concrete, characterless high-rises in bohemian areas that, like uninvited party guests, seem to neither know nor care that they are profoundly out of place.”

Business Week reports that Brian Kim, a former hedge-fund manager at Liquid Capital Management, pleaded not guilty to running a $6 million Ponzi scheme: “Kim was indicted in 2009 and accused of stealing $430,000 from the Christadora House, an East Village condominium complex where he lived. He fled before a trial in January using a fraudulently obtained passport and was returned to the U.S. on Oct. 12, prosecutors said.”

According to The Times, Recycle-a-Bicycle, the non-profit with shops in Dumbo and on Avenue C, recycles about six tons of metal and rescues over 1,200 bikes every year. Many of them come from the basements of apartment buildings: “Many building managers and co-op boards try periodically to cull storage areas by asking active users to tag their property. Bikes without tags, the theory goes, can safely be assumed to be abandoned.”

Saturday was Bank Transfer Day: According to The Wall Street Journal, the head of the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union in the East Village was at Zuccotti Park providing information on how to move money to a credit union.

Jazz Times profiles Karl Berger, who leads the Stone Workshop Orchestra at the Stone: “Every Monday night, the ever-changing ensemble opens the East Village club’s doors for two sets: the first is a 75-minute rehearsal, the second is a performance of the material just rehearsed.”