Beer and Wine For Jane’s Sweet Buns

Stephen Rex Brown Board Member Alexandra Militano discussed October’s applications for liquor licenses.

Community Board 3 approved Jane’s Sweet Buns application for a beer and wine license last night, paving the way for the bakery to pair alcohol with its desserts.

“Literally 75 percent of our clientele that comes in after 8 p.m. wants to have a glass of wine with their sweet bun or tart,” said Ravi DeRossi, the owner of the business on St. Marks Place between First Avenue and Avenue A. “Wine and dessert go so well together.”

The business was met with skepticism by some members of Community Board 3, however.

“I hear we’re all dying to receive this: A bakery that sells booze,” joked board member Joyce Ravitz.

In an effort to allay fears that Jane’s Sweet Buns would become a nightlife hotspot on St. Marks Place instead of a bakery, the board noted in its vote “the collective baking experience” of its employees.

“The ‘collective experience’ augurs it not being anything other than a bakery,” said Alexandra Militano, the chair of Community Board 3’s liquor license committee.

Jane's Sweet Buns boozy Sticky BunStephen Rex Brown A sticky bun from Jane’s Sweet Buns.

Still, the matter came to a vote after at least 30 minutes of debate; an apparent aftershock from October’s liquor license committee meeting, which featured more invective than usual.

Mr. DeRossi, who owns an assortment of businesses in the neighborhood, including Cien Fuegos and Death & Co., said beer and wine would be a welcome addition to the bakery.

“We’ll develop a well-rounded wine list. Everything will be paired,” he said.”

Mr. DeRossi added that no one need worry about the bakery bumping into the wee hours of the night. “It was never intended to be a bar,” he said. “It’s completely innocuous and an asset to the community.”

Now, Jane’s must go before the State Liquor Authority for final approval of the license, which is all but certain.