Yes, Beyoncé Gets Her Nails Done a Block From Mars Bar

SAKURACourtesy of Sakura Halloween nails (not Beyoncé’s).

So, did you see those paparazzi shots yesterday of Beyoncé Knowles leaving Sakura Nail and Spa on East First Street, near Second Avenue? They even reached England! Maybe, like us, you found it hard to believe that the 18th most powerful woman in the world (per Forbes) would get a mani just a stone’s throw from the old Mars Bar. Surely the tabloids and gossip sites were confusing Sakura’s East Village location with the Upper East Side original. Actually, no: Earlier today, Fumiko Kano, the technician who did Beyoncé’s nails, assured us it happened right here in the neighborhood.

Ms. Kano, 29, said the pop diva has been going to Sakura as often as every couple of weeks for the past two years. And she’s not alone: The salon also counts as a regular a certain female tennis player who is “really famous in the United States” and is known for her manicures. Asked whether she was referring to Serena Williams, Ms. Kano replied with a non-committal “mm.” In case you’re curious: Ms. Kano said that Beyoncé usually likes to keep her paint jobs simple, rather than opting for fancy gem or 3-D artwork that can run up to $200. Similar work will cost you at least $40, as well as an hour of your time. Just don’t expect the technicians who serve Beyoncé to dish any gossip: Ms. Kano said she generally doesn’t hear much of it when Ms. Knowles is in the chair.