Bump Proposal Picks Up Speed

Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 1.29.01 PMEmily Canal

At Community Board 3’s transportation committee meeting last night, local residents were given a second chance to plea for a speed bump on East Seventh Street.  As noted last week, a traffic-flow study conducted at the urging of Daniel Squadron had convinced the Department of Transportation that the block didn’t need a bump (“there is little speeding occurring,” said representative Colleen Chattergoon at the meeting last night). However, after the committee pointed out that St. Brigid School was on the corner of Avenue B, Ms. Chattergoon said she could take another look. “Just because we denied it now, doesn’t mean that we would not revisit down the road,” she said, adding that the School Safety division would have to be brought in and that a more likely measure would be additional speed-reducing signage.