City’s First Dog Run May Lose Last Adjacent Pet Store

IMG_3757Lauren Carol Smith For Sale signs in the window of Zee’s Pet Store on Avenue B, between 9th and 10th.

The space housing Zee’s Pet Store, the pet supply shop closest to Tompkins Square Park, is up for grabs. The owner, Zee, who declined to give a last name, said his rent had been raised, and a sign in the window solicited a hair or nail salon for the storefront on Avenue B between Ninth and Tenth Street.

At the Tompkins Square Dog Run, reactions varied.

“I live in that direction, so I usually shop at Petopia,” said Drew Bushong as he pointed south of the park. “But it is a shame.”

Another dog owner, Drew Ballard, who admitted he had only shopped at Zee’s once, lamented the possible closing and recalled his grief over Mikey’s Pet Shop, which was on Seventh Street between First Street and Avenue A until it closed in 2009. “It’s sad,” he said, “because the city gets more and more sterilized.”