Video: Rats, And Then A Knockdown Fight In Tompkins

Justin Bagley Careful! There is some foul language in this video (originally picked up by Deadspin).

It’s two of the most common sights in Tompkins Square Park: rats and two guys ready to fight. Justin Bagley, who was on vacation from Milwaukee, was shooting a video on Monday of the scurrying rodents when he spotted two men nose-to-nose and ready to throw down. The brawl was over before it started: as you can see in the graphic video Mr. Bagley posted to YouTube, one swing led to a knockout.

“Totally random – it was crazy,” said Mr. Bagley, 28, who was back in Milwaukee today. “I was thinking, ‘Those are ratholes?’ Then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden the guy blasts him.”

After that, Mr. Bagley had to hightail it out of the park with his girlfriend, as the man who threw the punch noticed he was filming.

“The guy starts coming towards me, cutting his throat, and I was like, ‘We got to get out of here,'” Mr. Bagley said.

The Local has reached out to the police for any further details about the incident.