Guy Fieri Films at John’s Of 12th Street

Kim Bhasin Photos from Guy Fieri’s shoot on 12th Street.

Guy Fieri, the peroxided Food Network star, was spotted filming at John’s of 12th Street yesterday for his show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

Mr. Fieri spent about three hours in the afternoon shooting at the Italian restaurant between First and Second Avenues, and co-owner Mike Alpert was thrilled.

“He learned about us through the grapevine. I was amazed that he’d never heard of us; an Italian restaurant that’s been around for 103 years,” said Mr. Alpert.

Mario Batali also made a cameo, though it was unclear whether he will be featured in the episode.

Mr. Fieri and his crew quickly attracted a crowd of gawkers, who recognized the gel-spiked hair and back-of-the-head sunglasses he wears when promoting T.G.I. Friday’s or hosting game shows. His signature 1967 Camaro SS was parked on 12th Street.

Inside, Mr. Fieri tasted a dish of Tuscan meat sauce ladled over hand-rolled pappardelle pasta, and a veal meatball dish called polpetto de vetello.

After the meal, Mr. Fieri chatted up his fans for a few minutes before being whisked away in a black Escalade (no, he didn’t leave in the Camaro).

The New York Post reported that the bowling shirt-clad foodie is also set to film at The Redhead nearby.