In Union Square Tonight, A Protest Against The Execution of Troy Davis

Photographs by Dominique Zonyee Scott and Güney Cüceloğlu.

Armed with posters that read “I am Troy Davis” and “Enough is Enough, Stop the Legal Lynching,” protesters walked from Washington Square Park to Union Square and points west tonight in protest of the execution of Troy Davis.

Shortly after a 4:30 p.m. meeting time, a group of about ten protesters at the corner of Washington Square Park and University Place used a plastic crate as a podium in order to entreat passersby to “join the cause for change and fair justice” and “say no to the death penalty.”

“NYU students need to stand up to the bigoted government,” said one.

“This is a human issue – we are all Troy Davis,” said another.

Just before 6:30 p.m., several intrigued onlookers joined the group on a march down University Place toward Union Square. There, they were met by about 75 more people who gathered on the sidewalk and park steps.

Approximately 15 police officers stood by. Spurred by talk of an unauthorized march down Fifth Avenue, about 20 NYPD motorcycles joined in and followed protesters as they marched in front of cars and pedestrians on 14th Street, heading west. The Local has not confirmed any arrests, but Occupy Wall Street claims that at least six people were taken into custody on their way to Zuccotti Park, where the protest is currently being broadcast via Livestream.

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