SLA Will Soon Decide Fate of Superdive Space

Superdive Indeed!Susan Keyloun 200 Avenue A, earlier this summer.

The owners behind a proposed art gallery and restaurant at the former site of Superdive, one of the most controversial East Village bars in recent memory, will soon formally go before the State Liquor Authority, a spokesman confirmed yesterday. The last time 200 Avenue A was on the radar, Michael Taub, the owner of the building, was met with skepticism by Community Board 3 and Councilwoman Rosie Mendez after pitching the art gallery idea, which would feature a D.J., full service bar and stay open until 4 a.m. on weekends.

Liz Rosen, one of the would-be curators and owners of the space, said that Mr. Taub is pushing for the idea as part of an effort to do right by the neighborhood in the wake of Superdive’s notorious parties.

“He was pretty furious about what was happening in his space,” Ms. Rosen said. “It’s hard to kick people out these days. That’s why he put this team together.”

After some delay in submitting an application to the liquor authority, 200 Ave A Hospitality LLC will now face a final vote on its proposal. A hearing “should be scheduled in the next couple of weeks,” the liquor authority spokesman said.

Ms. Rosen was surprised that the hearing would soon take place, but was hopeful the new business would get the green light.

“I want to plan private special events, benefits, workshops — all those sorts of things,” said Ms. Rosen. “We’re trying to create something really good. I hope they let us do it.”